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  • By visiting, browsing or using the website, you represent that you understand and accept the rights and obligations set forth therein as the legal equivalent of a written agreement signed between the parties and agree to abide by the terms of this agreement. reserves the right to change these terms at any time and on any occasion and if you continue to use this site after such a change, it is considered consent and acceptance of the changed terms and content of this agreement. This agreement constitutes the general terms and conditions of use of and its subdomains, which govern the rules of use, including the conclusion of a contract of sale with this e-shop.  


  • is owned by the company "BADU" Ltd. with registered office and address of management, Petrich, 3 Sando Kitanov Str., ent. B, fl. 4, ap.6, UIC 201175816.
  • "BADU" Ltd. is a user of the trademark BADU for Bulgaria and Greece and has exclusive rights to administer the site and e-shop , , "BADU" Ltd. will be called for short below _    


  • Website - the domain and its subdomains.
  • Customer - any natural or legal person or other legal entity that uses the site of in any way, including but not limited to viewing it, making orders from it, buying, returning goods and more.
  • Account - a section of the Site, formed by an email address and password, which allows the Client to send the Order and which contains information about the Client.
  • Favorites - a section in the Account that allows the Buyer / User to create their own lists.
  • Order - an electronic document representing a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer, through which the Buyer declares to the Seller, through the Site, his intention to purchase Goods and Services from the Site.
  • Goods and Services - any subject of the contract of sale from the Site.
  • Campaign - any commercial message aimed at promoting certain Goods and / or Services that are offered in limited availability, unless the commercial message explicitly states otherwise, for a certain period of time specified by the Seller.
  • Contract - is a contract concluded at a distance between the Seller and the Buyer for the sale of Goods and / or Services from the Site, an integral part of which are these general terms of use of the Site.
  • Contents

         • all information on the Site that is accessible through an Internet connection and the use of a device that has an Internet connection; • the information concerning the Clients and related to the Goods and / or the Services and / or the applicable tariffs from third parties, with which the Seller has concluded in some form partnership agreements; • information about the Seller or other data related to him. 

  • Newsletter - a means of periodic information about the Goods and Services and promotions offered by the Seller, sent electronically by e-mail or SMS, without committing or determining the Seller's responsibility for the information contained therein. 
  • Transaction - the action by to refund the amount of the Buyer as a result of cancellation or non-performance of a contract of sale from the Site, carried out only by bank transfer.
  • Specifications - all characteristics and / or descriptions of the Goods and Services as specified in their description.
  • Evaluation - a method of expressing the level of satisfaction of a User / Customer / Buyer in relation to a particular product. The score is expressed on a scale from 1 to 5 (Lowest is 1, Highest 5).
  • Seller - or any partner of "BADU" Ltd. from Provider. 
  • Provider - the platform of the e-shop, provided to other merchants from for purchases and sales through it under certain conditions agreed between them and 




  • The Client agrees that by providing any personal or other data to the Seller, he agrees that they may be used by the latter for any lawful purposes, without the Seller having to seek the Client's consent to process them in any a separate case.
  • The Customer is not allowed to make public declarations, statements or other public disclosures about the Order or the Contract without the prior written consent of the Seller.
  • The Customer agrees to provide unlimited access to any materials and information that he sends to the Seller through or in connection with the Site, regardless of whether he has placed an Order and made a transaction through the Site. Seller has the right to use, reproduce, publish, modify, transmit and distribute this information or materials. The Client expressly agrees that the Seller is free to use and process for its own purposes the ideas, concepts or know-how provided by the Client in any way through or in connection with the Site or the actions / omissions performed by the Client during or in connection with the Site. has no obligation to keep the information thus obtained confidential, insofar as this is not required by applicable law.  
  • By providing his data to the Seller (including e-mail), the Customer gives his explicit consent to be contacted by or third parties who are partners of and are providers of marketing services, government, municipal or non-governmental agencies. or insurance companies, where required by the specific legislation, as well as other companies with which may develop joint programs for offering the Goods and / or Services on the market, etc.
  • The client agrees with the policy for the use of cookies on, which can be found here (they had a cookie policy).




  • newsletters containing information on trade discounts and other promotions are sent by partners.
  • The moment the Client creates an account on the Site or places an order through the Easy Order menu, he agrees to receive Newsletters. The option regarding the consent to receive the Newsletter can be changed at any time by contacting
  • The Client may express his refusal to receive a Newsletter at any time using the special link in each Newsletter or by calling….
  • Refusal to receive the Bulletin does not automatically mean withdrawal of consent to the conclusion of this contract.
  • Clients are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and account and are fully responsible for all actions performed through their account or password. recommends that they log out of their account at the end of each session by clicking the "Sign out" button.




  • is registered in the Commission for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria with identification number 422519 .
  • According to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation for the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data and their free movement, with subsequent changes and additions, is obliged to process personal data under conditions guaranteeing their storage and prevention of accidental loss and only for the specified goals. 
  • The purpose of data collection is: notifying Customers about the information in their Accounts, notifying Buyers about the status of their Orders, evaluating the offered Goods and Services, other commercial activities, advertising the Goods and Services, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, research, market research, tracking and monitoring sales and customer behavior.
  • By filling in the data in the form for creating an Account, Order and / or Easy Order, the Client declares and unconditionally accepts that his personal data will be included in the database of, and gives his explicit and unambiguous consent to all such data. be archived, used and processed without territorial and / or time limit by, its partners and partners for activities such as, but not limited to, commercial activities, product and service promotions, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, research , for market research, for monitoring and monitoring sales and consumer behavior. Also, the Buyer gives his explicit and unequivocal consent that this data may be transferred to and processed by, its affiliates, partners and other third parties in the country and abroad.  
  • The buyer agrees and allows to provide his personal data to other companies with which he is in partnership, but only if the latter have undertaken to store and process them in accordance with the law. Such companies are: providers of marketing services, couriers providing payment / banking services, telemarketing or other services provided by companies with which may develop joint market offering programs offered by it or www.baduglobal. com Supplier, its partners Goods and Services, insurance companies.
  • The personal data of the Buyer may be provided to the prosecutor's office, the police, judicial institutions or other state bodies, on the basis of and within the framework of the legal provisions and as a result of an explicit request made by them.




  • The Seller shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the Buyer or third parties as a result of force majeure or those beyond the control of the Seller.
  • In all other cases, the Seller's liability is limited to the value of the ordered and paid Goods.




  • The Seller offers all Goods on the Site with a guarantee of conformity of the goods with the Contract in accordance with applicable law and warranty policy of the respective manufacturer or official distributor of the Goods. Exceptions are some categories of goods that due to their nature can not be guaranteed, such as books, cosmetics, toys and more.
  • With regard to the goods sold and delivered by Supplier (partner), through the e-commerce platform, the Customer should receive upon delivery of each Goods that have a warranty, a warranty certificate with all the details of the service center, which provides the repair within the warranty period. Supplier (partner) are the only ones responsible for the availability of the legally required documentation that should accompany the goods purchased by them, as well as for the provision of warranty service.
  • In the event that the Buyer does not notify of the lack of a warranty certificate (in cases where the goods require it) within a maximum of 48 (forty-eight) hours of receipt of the goods, email [email protected], considers that such has been provided by the Seller.




  • The ownership of the Goods will be transferred upon their transfer to the Buyer, after the payment has been made by him. The delivery of the Goods will be certified by the signature of the Buyer on the transport document provided by the courier. 




  • Due to the limited space and consistent structure of the information, product descriptions may sometimes be incomplete.
  • All goods, including those in promotion / discount are sold and delivered until the quantities are exhausted, even if this is not explicitly stated on the SITE.
  • The general conditions of are mandatory for all users of the SITE.
  • Any use of this SITE means that you have:

(1) carefully read the general conditions for its use; 

(2) you have agreed to abide by them unconditionally. 

  • The Terms and Conditions may be changed unilaterally by at any time by updating them. These changes take effect immediately and are mandatory for all users / customers.
  • has the right to make changes to the terms of use at any time in its sole discretion or if they are imposed by virtue of an enacted law. They may have retroactive effect on already delivered and confirmed orders.
  • In any case of change of the general conditions will inform its Clients by publishing the changes on the Site. In this sense, you as a Client have an obligation to make inquiries about possible changes to the general conditions of the Site each time you use it. 
  • If any of the provisions of these general terms of use of the Site prove to be invalid or inapplicable, regardless of the reason for this, this does not entail the invalidity or applicability of the other provisions.
  • makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information presented on the SITE. However, given the possible technical errors or omissions in this information, clarifies that the images of the products are informative and guiding, respectively, the delivered products may differ from the images due to changes in their characteristics or design.
  • The features or prices of the products described on the SITE may be changed by at any time and may contain errors.
  • The site may contain links to other sites, is not responsible for the privacy policies of websites that it does not administer, as well as other information contained therein.
  • By registering an Order on the site, the Buyer agrees by phone or email to declare his desire to receive the relevant Product or Service from the Seller for a fee.
  • The Seller will send you a notification for registration of the Order in its system, which does not make sense to accept, confirm or undertake to fulfill it. This notification is made by the Seller electronically (email) by phone or SMS.
  • In this sense, the Seller has the right not to deliver part or all of the Goods or not to perform part or all of the Services of the Order at its discretion, including but not limited to depletion of stock or change in price. In all cases, the Seller notifies the Customer by email by phone or SMS. In this situation, the sole responsibility of the Seller is to return any pre-received price of the Goods or Services.
  • The distance sales contract between the Seller and the Customer is considered concluded at the time of receipt by the Customer of his e-mail and / or SMS sent to his phone to notify the Seller that he is ready to send the Goods from the Order or to provide the Service.
  • The contract of sale concluded between the Client and the Seller consists of these general terms and conditions and the information requested and provided by the Buyer on the Site.
  • Access to the site for the purpose of order registration is allowed to each Client.
  • reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to restrict the access of any Customer to the execution of an Order and / or to any of the possible payment methods if it deems that this would be to the detriment of in any way. is the way. In this situation, the only right of the Client is to contact to be informed about the reasons that led to the application of the above measures. is not liable for any damages that the Customer has suffered or may suffer as a result of this decision, regardless of its correctness or validity.
  • The Client has the right to publish opinions about Goods and / or Services, as well as to contact at the addresses indicated in the "Contacts" section of the site. Posts or messages that contain obscene language or inappropriate vocabulary will be removed from the site or ignored. The Seller has the freedom to process the information received from the Client without the need to motivate his actions in this regard. 
  • Communication with the Seller can be done through direct contact with him or at the addresses listed on the site in the "Contact" section. The seller has the freedom to handle the information received without the need to justify it.
  • In case of unusually high traffic on the Internet, reserves the right to require Customers to manually enter the validation codes type captcha, in order to protect the information published on the Site.
  • may publish advertising or promotional information about the Goods and / or Services and / or about the promotions offered by him or his partners, for a certain period of time, as well as information about stock availability.
  • All prices of the Goods and / or Services on the site are final, announced in BGN (BGN) with all required by law taxes or fees.
  • requires all its Provider partners to comply with applicable law. is not responsible for any illegal or illegal actions on their part.
  • In the case of online payments or bank payments, the Seller shall not be liable for any costs in connection with fees, commissions or other additional payments made by the Buyer in connection with the transaction itself, as well as in cases of exchange of currency applied by the bank that issued the card to the client, in cases where the currency is different from BGN . The costs associated with such payments are solely at the expense of the Buyer.
  • All images posted on the Site are for the sole purpose of providing some idea of ​​the type of Product / Service offered, not to accurately represent it. Accordingly, some of the images of the Goods or Services on the Site (static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations, etc.) may not correspond to the appearance of the respective Product or create a false impression of the offered Service. The Customer has no right to claim any responsibility of the Seller for such discrepancies.
  • The Seller has the right to use subcontractors for the performance of the Services offered on the Site without the need to notify or obtain the consent of the Buyer. The seller will be responsible for the actions of these subcontractors as if they were his own.




  • Content as defined in the Definitions chapter, including but not limited to logos, any graphic images or inscriptions, trade symbols, dynamic symbols, texts and / or multimedia content of the Site, may only be used by 
  • Nothing in the distance agreement concluded between and the Client will be considered as permission from to copy, distribute, publish, provide to third parties, change in any way any part of The content, including but not limited to the content of trademarks, logos, multimedia content of the Site or descriptions of the Goods or Services in any way, including by introducing any content external to the Site, the removal of signs indicating the right owned by on the Content. The Client is not entitled to transfer, sell, distribute materials created by reproducing (copying), modifying or publishing the Content, except with the express consent of  
  • Any Content to which the Client has access, regardless of the means, is subject to regulation by these general terms.
  • The Client may copy, transfer and / or use the Content only for personal non-commercial purposes, only in cases where this does not contradict the provisions of this chapter of this document.
  • The Client has the right to use the Content for commercial purposes only if he has received the written consent of and only to the part of the Content, to the manner and extent of its use, and within the time limits for which such consent is given explicitly. Any subsequent or different use of the Content will be considered a breach of this agreement between and the Client and a breach of the intellectual property rights of, which has the right to seek the Client's responsibility for this.
  • Simply sending to the Client or referring to the Content or parts thereof by will not be considered as consent by to allow the Client to use the Content or parts thereof for its own purposes other than his personal needs. , regardless of the means of communication used by
  • Any use of the Content for purposes other than those expressly permitted in these terms and conditions or in any other express written consent given by is prohibited.



  • The Customer may place Orders on the Site by adding the desired Goods and / or Services to the shopping cart, following the steps specified on the Site to complete and submit the relevant Order.
  • Each item and / or service added to the shopping cart is available for purchase within the available quantities. Adding one Product and / or Service to the shopping cart without completing it does not lead to the registration of the order and the automatic saving of the Product / Service.
  • The seller assumes responsibility for the delivery of only one product in a registered order. The remaining number of products of the same model will be confirmed or rejected depending on the available quantities.
  • The Client undertakes and is responsible for all data for the purchase, which he has declared through his completed and sent to the Seller order to be true, complete and accurate as of the date of sending the order.
  • By sending the order, the Customer allows the Seller to contact him in any possible way, when necessary in connection with the order or the contract.
  • The Seller has the right to refuse to fulfill (cancel) the Order made by the Client, for which it should notify the Client. Cancellation of the order does not entail any responsibility or subsequent obligation of one of the parties to the other in connection with it and accordingly neither of them has the right to seek compensation from the other for its cancellation in the following cases:

(1) non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Client of the transaction for online payment; 

(2) the implementation of the money transaction, which does not lead to the receipt of funds on the Seller's account for online payments;

(3) the data provided by the Client on the Site are incomplete and / or incorrect. 

  • In case the Client requests to withdraw from the Contract within the withdrawal period granted to him by the Seller, the latter undertakes to return the prepaid order within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the Client's notification that withdraws from the Agreement. The amount will be refunded as follows without incurring any additional costs for the Client:

(1) Payments made by debit or credit card - by refund to the account from which the payment was made;   

(2) Payments made by cash on delivery - to a bank account additionally provided by the Client.   

  • The Seller has the right to delay the refund in cases of withdrawal from the contract until receipt of the sold Goods.
  • Only consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act have the right to return goods and in case the goods have a preserved commercial appearance and are accompanied by the accompanying packaging, labeling and barcode.
  • In case the ordered and prepaid Goods and / or Service by the Client cannot be delivered / provided by the Seller, the latter will inform the Client about this and will refund the already paid Goods and / or Service to the Client's account within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the Seller has established this fact or from the date on which the Buyer has clearly expressed his desire to terminate the Contract. 
  • As a consumer, the Customer benefits from the statutory guarantee for compliance of the goods with the contract of sale.




  • Payment can also be made when submitting the application to in the following ways:

(1) Bank transfer: BADU OOD, First Investment Bank, IBAN: BG97FINV91501016774884, BIC: FINVBGSF, UIC: 201175816.

(2) Paypal - we accept payments with Paypal. Our translation account is: [email protected] 

  • Payment on delivery (cash on delivery): upon receipt of the goods the amount due to the courier is paid. If the customer does not provide access and conditions for delivery of the goods to the specified address and deadline, is released from the obligation to perform the requested delivery .
  • The prices of the Goods and Services announced on the website are final and include VAT, as well as all other taxes and fees provided for in the current legislation.
  • The price, the method of payment and the delivery time are specified in each Order.
  • The client is obliged to provide all the necessary information for the issuance of an invoice in accordance with applicable law.
  • The Seller will issue to the Client an invoice for the ordered and delivered Goods / provided Services based on the information provided by the Client.
  • issues an invoice in the cases when in the field "Invoice data" the required data required by the current legislation have been filled in or if this is explicitly mentioned as a note to the Order. The Client agrees to receive the invoice electronically by e-mail specified by the Client in his Account. In the cases when the Client has not requested the issuance of an invoice and has chosen payment by Cash on Delivery, the Client will receive the ordered products with a receipt for acceptance of postal money order according to Article 3 paragraph 1 of Ordinance H-18 of 13 December 2006 for registration and reporting of sales in retail outlets through fiscal devices in force since 01.01.2007.
  • does not issue or send invoices for purchases or other payments related to purchases of Goods and / or Services offered by Provider (partners) of, which have the obligation to do so under applicable law .
  • In order to properly compile the invoice for the respective Order, the Client is obliged to constantly update the data in his account. He is obliged to review the information specified in the relevant Order to ensure that they are complete, correct and accurate.
  • Courier payment ( cash on delivery ) - a service in which the courier company Speedy charges a fixed additional fee of 0.05 % on the value of your order .      




  • Neither party will be liable for non-performance of its contractual obligations if such non-performance is due to force majeure. Force majeure is an unforeseeable event, beyond the control of the parties, which cannot be avoided.
  • If within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the event, it does not stop, each party has the right to notify the other party that it terminates the Agreement without owing the other compensation for any damages.


  • The Seller undertakes to deliver the ordered and purchased Goods through a courier company to the address specified by the Buyer or to the office of the courier company, depending on the choice of the Client.
  • The Seller will ensure the proper packaging of the Goods.
  • The Seller will deliver the Goods and provide the Services throughout the European Union. The delivery price of products offered by should be disclosed in the delivery terms of each individual subdomain. The terms and price of delivery of the products to a partner from Supplier will be brought to the attention of the Customers on the respective page of each such partner. 
  • The details regarding the delivery of the Goods / Services inclusive, but not only those regarding the term of delivery / performance do not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of the Seller to perform the respective delivery / performance of the respective Service on a specific date. Accordingly, the Customer is not entitled to any compensation in the event that the date on which it was announced by the Seller that it will deliver the Goods or perform the Service is not met.
  • According to Article 103b. (1) of the CPA, the maximum time for delivery of the Goods is 30 days from the conclusion of the contract. The estimated delivery time of goods offered by is from 7 to 21 working days. The term thus determined is instructive and is not obligatory for the Seller. It is not bound by the other details regarding a specific delivery of goods / services. In case of deviation on his part, regardless of whether it concerns delivery time or otherwise, the Buyer is not entitled to compensation for non-performance.
  • Customers subject to the CPA have the right to return the purchased goods within an unlimited period of receipt, if the goods have a preserved commercial appearance and are accompanied by accompanying packaging, labeling and barcode .
  • The address for returning goods is Petrich, Macedonia Square №10, except in cases where it is explicitly mentioned otherwise in the description of the specific product.
  • Deliveries are made by courier company Speedy (from 09:00 to 17:30) to the address specified by the customer or to the office of the courier company in the city. Delivery is made only after confirmation by the customer. Deliveries are not made on Sundays and public holidays;
  • Swimsuits (men's, women's, children's), underwear - bikinis, boxers, thongs, briefs, bodysuits and other products characterized as underwear - are NOT subject to return replacement.


According to the CPA, we are obliged to provide you with Appendix No. 6 to Art. 47,

al. 1, item 8 and Art. 52, para. 2 and 4 - Standard form for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract.


We would like to inform you that we do not require this form to be completed.

"Appendix № 6 to Art. 47, para. 1, item 8 and Art. 52, para. 2 and 4

Standard form for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract:

(fill in and send this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

- To (name of the trader, his geographical address and, where applicable, his fax number and e-mail address) to be filled in by the trader:

- I hereby inform / inform * that I refuse / refuse * from the contract concluded by me / us * for the purchase of the following goods * / for the provision of the following service *


- Ordered on * / received on *


- Name of the user (s)


- Address of the user (s)


- Signature of the user (s) (only if this form is on paper)


- Date


16. Return and exchange:


1. The CUSTOMER has the right to refuse to receive the goods ordered for purchase, as well as to return the same for exchange within 14 days, when it is delivered to him under one of the following conditions: 

1.1. The delivered goods obviously do not correspond to the one ordered for purchase by the CLIENT and this can be established through its ordinary inspection.

1.2. In case of discrepancy between the ordered for purchase and the delivered goods, which could not be established at the time of delivery.

1.3. The price that the Customer has to pay for the goods does not correspond to the price due. The final delivery price is determined at the office of the courier company.

The CLIENT has the right to request a replacement of the amount or product appearing in his original order within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of receipt of the order.

2. In case of discrepancy between the goods ordered for purchase and the delivered goods, the CUSTOMER has the right to return the received products within 14 days, without paying compensation or penalty and without stating a reason. BADU Ltd. reimburses all amounts received from the consumer, including delivery costs.

The transport costs for replacement and return are at the expense of the CLIENT, except in the cases when: - the received goods obviously do not correspond to the ones ordered in the order; - the mistake occurred as a result of our fault;

2.1. The request for return of the goods must be submitted within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. The goods must be in good commercial condition, original packaging, with original labels, accompanied by the original documents issued by "BADU" Ltd. - invoice, receipt, warranty card (if issued).

2.1.1. You can replace or return a product after following the steps described: here .

2.2 The refund of the amounts takes place within the terms described in item 12

BADU Ltd. reserves the right not to refund the amount paid by the CLIENT in case of violation of one or more conditions for return of goods.


--------------------------------------------------- ----



 In view of the periodic additions and modifications of the Services, their improvement and expansion, as well as in connection with possible legislative changes that reflect on them, the General Terms and Conditions may be changed unilaterally by the SELLER. This change may also be made in the event of a change in the type, nature or technology of the Services provided, in the event of termination of the provision of certain Services, as well as in the event of a change in economic conditions. When making changes to the General Terms and Conditions, the SELLER shall bring them to the notice of the CLIENT by publishing them on the SELLER's Website. 


These General Terms and Conditions, as well as future amendments thereto, apply to existing registered CLIENTS as of the date of their entry into force. The statement by a registered CLIENT that he does not agree with the changes in the General Terms and Conditions will automatically terminate the contract between the CLIENT and the SELLER for the use of services provided through the SELLER's website, whereby the SELLER has the right to immediately suspend access. CLIENT to his account and terminate his registration and delete from his servers all the User Content located by him.

* Delete where not applicable.




The current general terms and conditions regulate the relations between "BADU" Ltd. with registered office and address of management, Petrich, 3 Sando Kitanov Str., Ent. B, fl. 4, ap.6, UIC 201175816, hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER and registered trader of an e-shop in the e-commerce platform , hereinafter referred to as USER,



  • The Provider presents to the User the use of a software platform for the realization of the electronic trade of goods on the Internet.
  • For the granted right to use the software platform, the User pays to the Supplier - remuneration for the sale of goods at a lower rate of 1 per cent, at 



· Doctavchiĸat ppedoctavya polzvaneto of electronic shop platform in pamĸite na dobpocavectnoto, pazymno and ppietoto in ppaĸtiĸata and obichaite izpolzvane. · B clychay na na yctanovyavane otĸlonenie from the polzvaneto caglacno art. 2, The Provider has the right to temporarily or permanently restrict or prevent the provision of the e-shop on the platform          



· Ha ea izpolzva platfopmata charter eleĸtponna tapgoviya, Πolzvatelyat tpyabva izvapshi pegictpatsiya chpez cazdavane na eleĸtponen magazin in platfopmata tyĸ ( ) · Πpi cazdavaneto na eleĸtponen magazin, Πolzvatelyat The name and password for remote access. · By filling in the data and pressing the buttons "Registration", the user page = static & alias = terms) By pressing the button, it creates an electronic store of the User and between him and the Supplier there are contractual relations. · The Provider confirms the registration made by the User by sending a letter to the User's e-mail. · When performing the registration, the User is obliged to provide accurate and current data. The user is obliged to update the data specified in the registration during the change. · Πolzvatelyat deĸlapipa, flashover ĸachectvoto nyama na na potpebitel in low cmicala ppilozhimoto zaĸonodatelctvo charter zashtita na potpebitelite. · Doctavchiĸat ppedoctavya na Πolzvatelya doctap Until adminictpativen panel charter dictantsionno izpolzvane na eleĸtponniya magazin in platfopmata . · Πolzvatelyat ima ppavo ea izpolzva platfopmata www and the e-shop are welcome and intended solely for the purpose of e-commerce. · The user has the right to operate his e-shop, only through the proposals provided by the Provider, the administrative panel and the legitimacy of the e-shop. · Πolzvatelyat ima ppavo ea izpolzva online store dobpocavectno and in low ppednaznachenie edinctveno charter ocashtectvyavane na eleĸtponna tapgoviya. · Πolzvatelyat ce zadalzhava ea DO NOT izpolzva platfopmata and created an electronic shop charter clednoto: (1) Ha ppodazhba na ctoĸi, ĸoito caglacno ppilozhimoto zaĸonodatelctvo ca zabpaneni charter ppodazhba or DO NOT mogat ea badat ppodavani from the pazctoyanie, chpez Intepnet or ĸoito ca obeĸt na ocoben ĸontpolen pezhim. (2) Ha pybliĸyvane, pazppoctpanyavane or ppedoctavyane in low vcyaĸaĸav nachin, danni, caobshteniya, teĸct, ĸompyutapni faylove or dpygi matepiali, ĸoito, ppotivopechat na balgapcĸoto zaĸonodatelctvo, ppilozhimite chyzhdi zaĸoni, nactoyashtite ycloviya, Intepnet etiĸata or dobpite npavi and ĸoito napyshavat ppavata na tert litsa ĸato: (3) Avtopcĸi ppava or cpodni na tyax ppava, zapazeni mapĸi, patent or dpygi ppava na inteleĸtyalna cobctvenoct, the right to property, as well as all other property or non-property rights or legal interests of third parties; ( 4) Πpedctavlyavashti tapgovcĸa, official or lichna tayna or dpyga ĸonfidentsialna infopmatsiya; (5) H a pybliĸyvane, pazppoctpanenie or ea ppedoctavyane coftyep or dpygi ĸompyutapni faylove, ĸoito cadapzhat vipyci or dpygi picĸovi ppogpami or texni ĸomponenti. (6) Ha pybliĸyvane or tpancfep na popnogpafcĸi and nelegalni matepiali. (7) Ha pybliĸyvane na danni, caobshteniya, teĸct, ĸompyutapni faylove or dpygi matepiali cadapzhashti zaplaxa charter zhivota and telecnata neppiĸocnovenoct na choveĸa, ppopagandipashti dicĸpiminatsiya, ppopovyadvashti fashictĸa, pacictĸa or dpyga nedemoĸpatichna ideologiya, chieto cadapzhanie napyshava ppava or cvobodi na choveĸa caglacno Konctitytsiyata and zaĸonite na Pepybliĸa Balgapiya or mezhdynapodni aĸtove, ppizovavashti ĸam nacilctvena ppomyana na ĸonctitytsionno yctanoveniya Page Order, ĸam izvapshvane na ppectaplenie etc. · Πolzvatelyat ce zadalzhava ea izpolzva electronic shop in low nachin, ĸoyto DO NOT napyshava ppava na tert litsa, vĸlyuchitelno rights to design, design and other types of intellectual property t. · C ogled povishavane ĸachectvoto na platfopmata, izvapshvane ppofilaĸtiĸa na, na otctpanyavane povpedi and dpygi cvapzani c tova deynocti, Doctavchiĸat ima ppavo vpemenno ea ogpanichi or ppeyctanovi na ppedoctavyaneto the electronic store. · The Provider is obliged to resume the delivery of the e-shop after the termination of the company, which is the reason for the reason. · Doctavchiĸat ppedppiema mepĸi charter zashtita na lichnite danni na Πolzvatelya caglacno Zaĸona charter zashtita na lichnite danni (1) of caobpazheniya charter cigypnoct na lichnite danni na Πolzvatelite, Doctavchiĸat design could izppati dannite camo na e-mail adpec, ĸoyto e was pocochen from the Πolzvatelite in momenta na pegictpatsiyata. (2) C ppiemaneto na this refined Terms ycloviya Πolzvatelyat ce caglacyava, flashover lichnite as often danni mogat ea badat obpabotvani from the Doctavchiĸa, vĸlyuchitelno and charter tselite na dipeĸtniya mapĸeting. (3) Πolzvatelyat ce caglacyava Doctavchiĸat ea as often izppashtya ppomotsionalni, peĸlamni and nepoicĸani tapgovcĸi caobshteniya, vĸlyuchitelno otnacyashti ce charter ppodyĸti and yclygi na tert litsa. · Doctavchiĸat ima ppavo ea ppavi ednoctpanni ppomeni in fynĸtsionalnoctta and intepfeyca of electronic shop bez ppedvapitelno yvedomlenie Until Πolzvatelya . · When a problem accessing or using the e-shop user will notify the Provider by phone 0700 123 24 or email address: [email protected] · The Provider will provide all efforts to eliminate the problem.                                                                                                     


  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties agree that the Provider provides the User with an e-shop without content, and the User should enter the name, description and price of the Goods and Services offered by him, as well as attach images of the Goods and Services.
  • The responsibility for the accuracy and legality of the entered information about the Goods and Services lies with the User. The user is also responsible for the texts, images and materials published by him. The User agrees that the Provider is not responsible for the published information, texts, images and materials.
  • The responsibility for the copyright on the attached images of the Goods and Services lies with the User. He agrees that the Provider is not responsible for the acquisition and use of these rights.
  • The responsibility for the use of the brands of the offered Goods and Services lies with the User. The User agrees that the Provider is not responsible for the acquisition and use of these rights.
  • The User agrees that the Provider is not liable to end users within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, as well as to other traders and enterprises within the meaning of the Competition Protection Act, as it is not a trader or supplier of the Products sold, but only offers a service for creating and maintaining an e-shop of the User. The Provider is not liable to the User when the latter has committed an offense in the sale of its Products or has harmed the rights or legitimate interests of third parties.
  • The User agrees that in the event of a dispute with third parties or a sanction or other penalty imposed on the Provider, the User undertakes to indemnify the Provider for all paid property sanctions, indemnities and other costs resulting from unscrupulous or illegal actions or omissions of the User, including when the User has indicated incorrect data in the e-shop, has violated the rights of users, copyright of third parties, personal data or competition rules, etc.

· B clychay na poctapvane na oplaĸvane from the tpeto person in charge charter izpolzvane of electronic shop in napyshenie na zaĸonovi pazpopedbi, ppavilata na mopala or pazpopedbite na this refined Terms ycloviya, ctpanite ce caglacyavat, flashover Doctavchiĸat ima ppavo vpemenno ea ogpanichi ppedoctavyaneto na yclygata or doctapa Until infopmatsiyata na The user to clarify the case. · Πolzvatelyat e otgovopen charter vcichĸi deyctviya and eventyalni napysheniya na ppilozhimoto zaĸonodatelctvo, nezavicimo dali this refined deyctviya and napysheniya ca izvapsheni from the Πolzvatelya tpeto or person in charge, na ĸoeto Πolzvatelyat e ppedoctavil yppavlenieto na eleĸtponniya magazin, cazdaden chpez platfopma . · Πolzvatelyat ce zadalzhava ea obezshteti and ea ocvobodi from the otgovopnoct Doctavchiĸa when tool cadebni icĸove and dpygi ppetentsii na tert litsa (nezavicimo dali ca ocnovatelni or DO NOT) charter vcichĸi shteti and Charges (in tova chiclo advoĸatcĸi xonopapi and cadebni paznocĸi) ppoiztichashti from the or in vpazĸa c ( 1) neizpalnenie na nyaĸoe from the zadalzheniyata in low tozi dogovop, (2) napyshenie na avtopcĸi, ppodytsentcĸi, ppava na izlachvane or dpygi ppava vapxy inteleĸtyalnata or indyctpialna cobctvenoct, (3) neppavomepno ppexvaplyane na dpygi litsa na ppavata, ppedoctaveni na Πolzvatelya, charter cpoĸa and under the terms of the contract (4) sale of prohibited goods, (5) violation of the applicable requirements for the protection of consumers or (6) trade activity in violation of the applicable legislation. · Doctavchiĸat DO NOT noci otgovopnoct in clychay na nevazmozhnoct ea ppedoctavya cvapzanoct or fynĸtsionipane na texnichecĸoto obopydvane ppez oppedelen pepiod from the vpeme popadi neppeodolima cila, clychayni cabitiya, ppoblemi in intepnet, texnichecĸi or dpygi obeĸtivni ppichini, vĸlyuchitelno and pazpopezhdaniya na ĸompetentnite dapzhavni bodies team. · Doctavchiĸat DO NOT noci otgovopnoct charter vpedi, ppichineni from the Πolzvatelya na tert litsa. · Doctavchiĸat DO NOT noci otgovopnoct charter imyshtectveni or neimyshtectveni vpedi, izpazyavashti ce in ppopycnati polzi or ppetappeni vpedi, ppichineni na Πolzvatelya in ppotseca na izpolzvane or neizpolzvane of electronic shop. · Doctavchiĸat DO NOT noci otgovopnoct charter vpemeto, ppez ĸoeto electronic shop DO NOT e been available na Πolzvatelya popadi neppeodolima cila or neppavomepni deyctviya cpeshty texnichecĸoto obopydvane and coftyep na platfopmata, vĸlyuchitelno xaĸepcĸi and dpygi cxodni vazdeyctviya. · Doctavchiĸat DO NOT noci otgovopnoct in clychai na ppeodolyavane na mepĸite charter cigypnoct na texnichecĸoto obopydvane, chpez ĸoeto ce ppedoctavya e-store and from the tova pocledva zagyba infopmatsiya na, na pazppoctpanenie infopmatsiya, doctap Until infopmatsiya, ogpanichavane na doctap Until infopmatsiya, ppomyana pybliĸyvana na na na caytovete Πolzvatelya infopmatsiya and dpygi cxodni pocledctviya. · Doctavchiĸat DO NOT noci otgovopnoct in clychay na ppedoctavyane na doctap Until infopmatsiya, zagyba or ppomyana na danni or papametpi of electronic shop, nactapili vcledctvie na falshiva legitimatsiya na tpeto person in charge, ĸoeto ce ppedctavya charter Πolzvatelya, aĸo from the obctoyatelctvata mozhe ea ce cadi, flashover tova the face of the User.                                                


  • The user pays a percentage of each item (Goods and Services) he sells. This percentage depends on the item category (Product and Service) described in the table above.
  • The Provider suspends the determined percentage and transfers the remaining amount to an account provided by the User. 
  • When returning an item (Goods and Service), the User is obliged to refund the amount paid by the Provider to the Customer.
  • Courier payment ( cash on delivery ) - a service in which the courier company Speedy charges a fixed additional fee of 0.05 % on the value of your order .      




  • The User understands and agrees that the Provider has the right to decide which actions of the User constitute a violation of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as to take appropriate measures to eliminate the violation.
  • The User undertakes not to publish materials containing viruses or other programs aimed at destroying or damaging the platform or other system, as well as materials with prohibited, obscene, defamatory, threatening or malicious content for the Provider or for a third party. The Provider reserves the right to remove and / or edit such materials.
  • The Provider reserves the right to terminate the provision of the e-shop, for Users whose stores cause loads, or due to other events that disrupt the normal operation of
  • The User undertakes to comply with the good manners, morals and accepted in the customs criteria for polite behavior when making requests for systematic support or other communication with the employees of the Provider.
  • When the User provides access for use and management of his online store to third parties, he is responsible for the actions of these persons as his own.
  • The User is responsible for the confidentiality of his data for access to the e-shop (username and password) and assumes full responsibility for activities / actions performed through his Personal Profile and in his e-shop. In case of suspicion that for some reason the confidentiality of his data is endangered, the User must immediately notify the team of the Provider.
  • The provider is not obliged to monitor the information that stores, transmits or makes available, nor to look for facts and circumstances indicating the commission of illegal activity.
  • The User understands and agrees that the Provider has the right to terminate the User's access to the Online Store if the User violates the General Terms and Conditions for registration of auctions in and the General Terms and Conditions for use of the site, Policies or the law, in which case the Provider is not responsible for loss of data of the User or other damages.



  • The Contract for the provision of the Service in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions is terminated:

(1) upon termination and declaration of liquidation or declaration of bankruptcy of one of the parties to the contract; 

(2) by mutual agreement of the parties in writing; 

(3) in case of objective impossibility of any of the parties to the contract to perform its obligations; 

(4) in case of seizure or sealing of the equipment by state bodies; 

(5) in the cases explicitly stated in these General Terms and Conditions; 

  • The Provider has the right at its discretion, without giving notice and without due compensation to terminate the contract unilaterally, if it finds that the services provided are used in violation of the General Terms and Conditions for registration of a trader at and the General Terms and Conditions. use of the site, the Policies adopted by the Provider, the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria, the generally accepted moral norms or the generally accepted rules.
  • These General Terms and Conditions may be amended by the Provider, of which the latter will notify all Users of the service in an appropriate manner.
  • The Provider and the User agree that any additions and amendments to these general terms and conditions will be effective against the User after its explicit notification by the Provider and if the User does not state within 14 days that he rejects them.

· Πolzvatelyat ce caglacyava, flashover vcichĸi izyavleniya na Doctavchiĸa in vpazĸa c izmenenieto na Terms ycloviya this refined design could badat izppashtani na na adpecat eleĸtponnata poshta, pocochen from the Πolzvatelya, when tool pegictpatsiyata charter izpolzvane of electronic shop. The user agrees that e-mails sent in accordance with this article are not required to be signed with an e-mail. · Doctavchiĸat pybliĸyva this refined Terms ycloviya na na cayta zaedno c vcichĸi dopalneniya and izmeneniya in tyax.          



· Tsyaloto cadapzhanie of electronic shop, vĸlyuchitelno vcichĸi pybliĸyvani teĸctove, izobpazheniya, cnimĸi, video matepiali, ctatii, Element na intepfeyca, ppogpamen ĸod and mapĸi (vĸlyuchitelno mapĸata BADU (Badu)), ca izĸlyuchitelna cobctvenoct na Doctavchiĸa and izpolzvaneto their pod ĸaĸvato and ea any form without the explicit pre-written agreement of the Supplier is prohibited. · Πpi cazdavaneto na eleĸtponen magazin chpez Πolzvatelyat DO NOT ppidobiva ppavo na cobctvenoct vapxy obeĸtite na na inteleĸtyalna cobctvenoct Doctavchiĸa. · B clychay napyshavane na na na ppavata inteleĸtyalna cobctvenoct Doctavchiĸa na, na pocledniyat ima ppavo obezshtetenie in palen pazmep charter from the ppichinenite The user is in front. · The user has no right to access the program code of the e-shop and has no right to copy or modify it in any way. Any attempt by the User to access, copy or change the program code of the platform is considered a gross violation of these Terms and Conditions and the rights of the Provider. The User has no right to remove or hide information about the copyright or trademark rights of the Provider · In case of non-compliance, the Provider has the right to immediately terminate the use of the online store by the customer without notice or notice lost benefits from the actions of the User. · The Badu trademark and the domains with this name are the property of the Provider. The use of this trademark, domain or name, directly or indirectly (such as, but not limited to, meta tags and other indexing or Internet search techniques) without the prior written permission of the Provider is prohibited and punishable by law.                              




· B clychay na cpopove mezhdy ctpanite otnocno tozi dogovop, cpopnite vappoci design could badat pazpeshavani in dyx na pazbipatelctvo chpez ppegovopi mezhdy ctpanite. · Aĸo ctpanite DO NOT ycpeyat ea pazpeshat cpopnite vappoci chpez ppegovopi, vcichĸi cpopove, popodeni from the tozi dogovop or otnacyashti ce Until nego, vĸlyuchitelno cpopovete, popodeni or otnacyashti ce Until negovoto talĸyvane, nedeyctvitelnoct, izpalnenie or ppeĸpatyavane, ĸaĸto and cpopovete charter popalvane na ppaznoti in dogovopa or ppicpocobyavaneto as often ĸam novovazniĸnali obctoyatelctva, design could badat pazpeshavani from the Apbitpazhniya cad when tool Balgapcĸata tapgovcĸo-ppomishlena palata in cactav from the tpima apbitpi , in accordance with its Code of Conduct for Deeds based on Appendix Agreements. The decision of the Court of Appeals is final.                



· B clychay na ppotivopechie mezhdy this refined Terms ycloviya and ygovopĸi in cpetsialen dogovop mezhdy Doctavchiĸa and Πolzvatelya, c ppedimctvo ce ppilagat ĸlayzite na cpetsialniya dogovop. · Eventyalnata nedeyctvitelnoct na na nyaĸoya from the pazpopedbite this refined Terms ycloviya ea lead not nyama na Until nedeyctvitelnoct tseliya dogovop. · User and the supplier shall protect each other's rights and legitimate interests, and to protect its trade secrets come to their knowledge in the performance contract and these terms within two (2) years from the termination. · User and The Provider undertakes during and after the termination of the contract not to make public written or oral correspondence between them and within 2 (two) years from its termination. For public can be considered the publication of correspondence in the print and electronic media, Internet forums, personal or public websites and more. · These general conditions are effective for all users of 24 Mart 2017 g.